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-Solar Energy

We focus on solar energy because it is an infinite, climate-friendly and sustainable source of energy.
To achieve our goals, we focus on innovations and operational efficiency.

This means reducing both the cost and environmental impact of generating electricity from solar energy. The price of energy generating solar systems is steadily decreasing, thus making solar energy more affordable for more people.

The market for photovoltaic solar energy has enjoyed an average growth rate of about 40 percent over the last few years, although growth figures for 2009-2010 have stalled due to the impact of the global financial crisis.

Our challenge today is to harness solar power to reduce 's  the dependence on fossil fuels. 

As renewable energy becomes more and more important to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, ATAMAN-1 is making solar power more efficient and effective

-Storing Renewable Energy 

ATAMAN-1 is conducting significant research to overcome the challenges of intermittency, storage and dispatch of electricity generated from solar and wind energy.

 These include storing heat in oil, molten salts,high temperature ceramics and as chemical reactants and also includes research on the Ultra Battery.

-Energy for Buildings

ATAMAN-1 is developing technologies and tools to control how energy is used, managed and generated in buildings, offices and homes.

ATAMAN-1 is working on ways to halve building emissions by reducing electricity consumption and using energy more efficiently.

By making renewable energy more reliable we hope to encourage their use in the marketplace.

-Intelligent Energy: Finding Smarter Ways to Use Electricity

 Our team of engineers is developing new technologies which intelligently manage the way energy is used, transmitted and generated in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize energy consumption and save money.

-Geothermal Energy: Clean and Sustainable Energy for the Future

ATAMAN-1 has broad capabilities in the geothermal arena. We are focused on defining, assessing, developing and managing suitable geothermal resources for exploitation. Geothermal energy has the potential to provide clean and sustainable energy for Bulgaria well into the future.

ATAMAN-1 research is helping to exploit this new resource to secure the nation’s energy future.

-Partnering with ATAMAN-1

ATAMAN-1 has well established relationships with Bulgarian and international research institutions, universities, governments and industry.

ATAMAN-1 provides a range of partnering and technology transfer arrangements. We actively seek to develop partnerships and joint venture relationships to meet the needs of industrial, research and commercial collaborators.