1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
17, Marin Drinov str.
office 1
+359 2 865 00 37


ATAMAN-1 delivers high performance renewable energy solutions to the residential, commercial and utilities segments, and targets project development in selected segments.  The company is researching solar, wind and geothermal technologies and finding smarter ways to generate and distribute energy for our homes and industry.

With rising electricity prices, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources are becoming an increasingly valuable and necessary part of the world's energy mix.

At ATAMAN-1, everything we do is centered on a single mission: making clean, renewable energy affordable and accessible in Bulgaria.
Great science is our foundation. Getting it out there is our aim.

ATAMAN-1 includes lifecycle environmental considerations when designing products.

Our aim is to minimize waste and pollution in every aspect of the manufacturing, delivery, sourcing, usage and decommissioning of our products